Saturday, December 17, 2016

God Everywhere. Even disease. Even Trump?

God Everywhere.  I know.  Its a stretch.  Its ethereal.  Where are the legs to it?  How does it ground?  How can we apply that here and now in our day?

That's just the topic of the book I've been writing since returning from Japan this past winter.  God, Jesus Christ Consciousness, Oneness, Eternal Indestructible Indomitable Love, showed itself to me in very powerful ways over there.  Even in the places I chose to stay for mere economic reasons, God showed up hardcore, holding up divine mirrors I could see myself in, making plain a love so grand no one can escape it, not even me in great pain of Lyme disease.  God is in disease.  God is in me.  God is seen in everything when the veils of fear are stripped away, when the ice on the heart melts and a brilliant Love/God/Jesus/Forgiveness/Welcome-Home-ness becomes mirrored in even the scariest of things. 

"Oh yeah?" you say!  Have I been hiding under a rock?  Do I not know the deeply unconscious and conscious oppression and murder of black families and other people of color have generally been sanctioned by this government from the founding of this country?  Do I not know theres a very odd outrageously offensively scary bloated infantile clown up for bat in leading the "free" world?  Don't I know people suck and only look out for themselves and their group?  Don't I know greed/ego/fear motivates most actions in this country, in the "civilized" world?  Don't I know I must fiercely protect what is mine lest I succumb exploitation from someone/something? 

Yes, I do mainly hide under a rock (by nature).  Yes, I do know and feel the gravity of the state we're in collectively.  And of late I oscillate on the pendulum, as you may also, between paralyzing fear and profound moments of Grace/Love coming from unexpected places.  And, also I know that when I tap into and see through the Jesus/God/Grace in me, the ride on that pendulum becomes more enjoyable.  The Love/Grace/Jesus is the still point of the pendulum, helping us to face those demons that are, dare I say, also God's/Love's creations here to stretch our hearts, stretch us into knowing the wholeness we always are.

Lets try this on for size (maybe have a pen and paper in hand to answer some of the questions or note what else arises):

-put in your mind's eye someone you love beyond anything
-imagine God in them, working through them, residing in them (Whatever that means for you.  Do you see God in them?  Do you feel God in them?  What does that mean to you?  What's your experience of them?)
-repeat exercise with others in mind that you readily love
-now put in your mind's eye someone youre having some mild to moderate annoyance with, some active daily/weekly trouble with
-imagine God in them, working through them, residing in them (What does that stir in you?  Are you able to imagine God in them? )
-repeat exercise with increasingly annoying/troublesome people and situations
(keep up the momentum from the other rounds of this exercise.  Do the same exercise envisioning Trump.  What does it look like for God to reside in and be moving through Trump as he is?  What does that stir in you?  What could that mean for the kind of actions to take in your rebellion and dissent of the election results?  How can you act, live, be in integrity with yourself and God and love in regards to a train wreck happening in slow motion?  What would it mean to face the incoming administration from a place of love and not hate/fear/panic?  How can we engage in a way where our activism, our words, our moves for deep change spring from a place WE LOVE DONALD TRUMP, RACISTS, BIGOTS, KKK, WHITE NATIONAL PARTY and not because we hate him/them (all the while paralyzing their destructive behaviors)?  How do we work with someone and his entire team of deeply ill and misguided beings from love and not hate?   HOW DO OUR ACTIONS AND EXPERIENCES SHIFT, FIGHTING THE SAME FIGHT, STILL DOING WHAT WE CAN TO EXPOSE AND STOP CORRUPTION, INJUSTICE, EVIL WHEN WE KNOW WE ARE ONE EVOLVING COLLECTIVE THAT MAY ONLY EVER REALLY SUSTAINABLY SHIFT IN ACTS AND POLICIES ROOTED IN GREAT LOVE?  How does your experience of loathsome people and practices shift when you see God in them?  What does/could that even mean? )

I have yet to answer most of these questions myself in regards to politics.  However, great headway has been made in doing this exercise in relation to what's been my more visceral and immediate "enemy" for seven years, severe disease. 

Will you join me in this adventure to let love motivate our actions, our being in regards to the scariest of our modern day demons?  Will you help me unveil the wholeness we are?  CAN WE HELP EACH OTHER SEE GOD EVERYWHERE?

I think so.

Thank you.

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