Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ancient Medicine 1.0: Gratitude

I'll keep it short and very sweet: Gratitude.  Its one of the most unlikely medicines there is.  Every time though, before I start my gratitude practice, the thoughts come swirling, like a strong cold wind to warn and keep me away, "what good is gratitude going to do?  You need urgent change, concrete solutions, not the sentimental warm feelings of gratitude!"  And I usually entertain those thoughts longer than I'd like to admit.  But eventually, though its choppy and tough at first, I begin to list what is going well, who is there for me, what has been lovely, helpful, downright miraculous in my present life, where is the love flowing and overflowing, before I know it something's shifted, I've shifted.  Practicing Gratitude appears to widen a path, widens the channel between the small I and the Big (God/Love/Eternity) I.  I don't know how it happens, why it happens, or even how far into the process when it actually happens, but it happens, every time.  Without a doubt, shifting the focus from scarcity to abundance somehow transports us to abundance.  Im not great at this all the time but like any habit, it takes practice, daily if not more. 

Lets do this together here and now:

1)  Lets acknowledge whats not going well.  There's pain, disappointment, something or someone hasn't added up or showed up the way we expected, the way we had hoped and longed for.  Its sad.  It hurts.  We honor and kiss those feelings.  We see them.  We accept them. 

2)  Lets now open the door for our old pal, as old fashioned as he may be dressed and speaks: Gratitude.  Lets open the door and welcome him in.  Lets have a dialogue and list out what has been right under our noses carrying us, blessing us, adoring us, keeping us alive and loved up to this point.  Take the time to listen to gratitude, let it flow and maybe even write down all that's shared.  Keep going.  Theres more.  Each time you cant think of any more, give yourself another few minutes to find more to be thankful for.

3) Any shifts?  Observe and give thanks for any lightness of heart, any joy that's crept its way into your experience.  Bask in the shift small or large.  Really marinate in the shift of energy.

4) Any new or old insights into your original problem/puzzle? 

5)  Still stuck?  Lather, rinse, repeat.  Repeat the process, until you've felt a veil or more fall away, revealing your shiny original eternal Whole you.  (Need more assistance?  We all do from time to time, see previous post with "spiritual resources" and/or reach out to me )

We'll continue to unveil our wholeness together, one practice, one touch, one moment at a time.  <3

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